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Water Damage: What Is It and What Are Its Causes?

Water damage describes the situation where water, from whatever source, makes its way into building fixtures or materials causing some kind of physical or financial loss. Areas that have water damaged will be defaced to varying degrees. Some water damage appears as stains on walls while more severe cases will appear in entire sections of structures, like ceilings, and weaken the building materials like dry wall. This type of building damage can result from various events and can lead to greater damage if left untreated. This water damage can be caused by a number of natural and human factors. Some of the causes for water damage in homes, buildings, and businesses include flash floods or storms, a broken home appliance, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, an overflowing toilet, broken pipes, outdated building fixtures, or existing worn building material.

What Happens If Water Damage Is Ignored?

While some after effects of water damage, like a flooded basement, cannot be ignored, some people may choose to ignore minor signs of water damage, like stains on the walls. However, any extent of water damage must be treated immediately because it will only increase and become more severe with time making structures increasingly vulnerable to wear and tear. When water finds its way into structures it starts to deteriorate and weaken them. It can also lead to growth in bacteria which cause mold and mildew.  Mold can quickly destroy carpets, rugs, walls and flooring quickly and can only be fixed by cleaning and sanitizing, or by replacing the damaged items.

Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Company When There Are Do-It-Yourself Home Remedies Available?

Do-it-yourself home remedies for water damage repair offer very short-lived and incomplete solutions instead of full water damage repair. Professional-grade equipment and service are the only permanent solution for water damage for several reasons. One reason is that home remedies provide a temporary solution for water damage, and will not restore the damaged structure or structures. Additionally, the extent of water damage may not be apparent to an untrained eye. Also, the equipment needed to complete a quality water damage restoration project is always available to professionals. Lastly, trying to buy or rent professional restoration equipment and materials will be frustrating, expensive, and may lead to further damage of surrounding structures. Hiring our water damage repair Staten Island company will ensure that your structures are restored using the safest, long-lasting methods and environmentally-friendly equipment.

What Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island Will Do for You

When you call us, we will give you a free appointment to send an expert staff member to your location for an inspection and a quote. To start the water damage restoration processes, we will use industrial-grade equipment to extract any apparent and/or hidden water from the structure. Next, we use industrial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure that no moisture remains. Mold and bacteria often grow as a result of excessive moisture. Industrial-strength cleaning and antibacterial solutions ensure that all mold and bacteria are gone for good. We do not leave before restoring your structure to look brand new using quality materials. Depend on our water damage repair Staten Island experts to handle the mildest to the most severe water damage in your home. Chat or call us today at 1-718-280-1044 and book for a free on site inspection.

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