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Upholstery Cleaning In Staten Island

Upholstery cleaning Staten Island options will allow you the opportunity to turn around an old couch, chair or love seat that has been neglected in your home. You want to recover furniture that may be useful to your family in the future, but it is difficult to clean this furniture without assistance from a professional service. Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island handle more than carpets, and you are welcome to ask for help with any upholstery cleaning needs that you have. This article explains how upholstery cleaning can save your home decor.

#1: Upholstery Cleaning Is A Specialty

Upholstery cleaning is not a service you ask for lightly. You have delicate pieces of furniture in your home that require exquisite care, and Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island is prepared to help you with any piece of furniture in the house. Upholstery comes in leather and a variety of fabrics, and you must have these furniture pieces cleaned at least once a year for their own safety.

#2: Pet Hair And Dander

Pet hair and dander in your home will cause problems for your family that are hard to see with the naked eye. You may brush the pet hair off your sofa every month, but you cannot account for the accumulation of pet hair and dander on your furniture over the course of the whole year. Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island uses powerful devices that remove pet hair and dander from every piece of furniture in your home, and the process is so fast that you will not notice any dampness on your furniture. Your pets will jump on the furniture again, but you now have a way of keeping the furniture clean. The furniture will instantly come clean, and you will have a breath of fresh air in the house.

#3: Set in Stains

Stains on upholstery are particularly hard to clean because almost no upholstery surface is flat. Working around the contouring of a couch or love seat is the job of a professional upholstery cleaner. The special nozzles used on the equipment will help you navigate different parts of your furniture, and the team from Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island will use many nozzles until the furniture is clean.

#4: Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather furniture is a different process, and it must be undertaken with great care. The people who enter your home for carpet cleaning services will use only water on your leather furniture, and the leather will not discolor after cleaning is completed. Special oils are used to restore color in your scratched leather furniture, and each piece is returned to its former glory. Your leather couch or chair need not be thrown on the scrap heap when it can be cleaned properly by a professional technician.

Upholstery cleaning Staten Island will help make your home look amazing, and you may bring any of your furniture pieces back to life today. Nice furniture pieces are worth saving, and you must contact Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island for help with your furniture. Cleaning the furniture on your own is a process that will be too difficult for you as a homeowner, but the professionals who enter your home have a plan to clean all your furniture and upholstery.

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