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Our Mattress Cleaning Services On Staten Island

Mattress cleaning Staten Island services are helpful when you have never thought of cleaning your mattress before. You change your sheets regularly, but you do not have a way to clean your mattress. Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island has perfected a method for cleaning mattresses that will refresh your mattress often. You may schedule appointments at any time, and you will need professional mattress cleaning which will help if you want a restful night of sleep on a bed free of stains and odors.

#1: The Debris On Your Mattress Is Invisible

You spend quite a lot of time sleeping your mattress, but you only spend a few moments changing the sheets on your mattress. You may not see all the dirt and debris that has made its way onto your mattress, and you may not check or flip your mattress at any time. Homeowners who flip their mattresses are introducing dirt and debris to both sides of the mattress, and Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island will clean both sides of your mattress for your convenience.

#2: Mattress Cleaning Techniques

Our mattress cleaning is performed using industrial-strength machines that use pressurized water. The water is forced through a nozzle, and the water is retrieved by the vacuum in an instant. The water is so powerful that it can remove stains and odors, but the water does not makes it way into the fabric of the mattress. Your mattress comes clean, and smells fresh at the same time. There are special techniques used to reach every part of the mattress, and you will not have a speck of dirt left behind.

#3: Mattress Flipping

Part of the mattress cleaning process is mattress flipping. You will have your mattress flipped at the same time it is cleaned, and you will see how dirty both sides are. Having both sides of your mattress cleaned allows you to keep the mattress clean for a longer period of time, and flipping the mattress during your appointment saves you time and effort.

#4: Free Estimates

Every customer of Green Choice Carpet  receives a free estimate for their job before cleaning, and that estimate will stand until the work is done. You deserve to know how much the cleaning will cost, and you will have a document that represents all the work that must be done in the house. Use this document to learn how long it will take to complete the cleaning, and keep the document for future appointments.

#5: Quick Cleaning Processes

The cleaning processes used by Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island are quick and efficient. We work quickly to give you your bed back, and we will take great care to protect your belongings while are in your house. Ask the crew how long they think they will be, and you will be pleased at how quickly your  mattresses will be cleaned.

Every customer at Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island may procure mattress cleaning Staten Island services at any time, and these services may occur in conjunction with a carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning appointment. Your whole house will come clean in one fell swoop, and you will pay on flat rate for the job. You deserve to live in a clean home, and Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island is capable of offering the cleaning services you need. If you want to make an appointment, you can chat with us or call us at 1-718-280-1044.

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